Enga - It's Characteristics


The province is dominated by rugged mountains, high plateaus and valleys with more than half the province higher than 2000m above sea level.The highest peak being Mt Hagen, which is around 3800m and it lies to southeast bordering Western Highlands Province. It is well known to be an extinct volcano. Only 25 % of the land is arable for agricultural cultivation and human dwelling. Most Engans live between the altitude of 1400 and 2600 meters above sea level, the majority being concentrated in the intermountain valleys of the Lai, Ambum, Lagaip, Tsak and the high Sirunki and Kandep basins. Life at higher altitudes is affected by frosts, which are sometimes severe. Lower concentrations of people occur around Kompiam, Maramuni, Porgera, Yengis, the Talua headwaters, the Upper Sau, Paiela and in some high valleys west of Kandep at altitude of over 2600 meters. Outside these areas, the population is sparse and scattered.

Population & Language

The Province has a population of 295,031 persons according to the 2000 census information. About 96% of the population live in rural areas, primarily following traditional ways of life, with only 4% in urban areas and in the rural non-village category. The province has an annual growth rate of about 2.9 percent, which is one of the highest in the country. If the population growth continues at this rate, it is expected to double in 24 years time. This means that, given continuation of the current growth rate, the Enga population will reach a size double that of 2000 that is 590,062 persons by the year 2024.