Technical Vocational Education and Training



The Flexible, Open and Distance Education (FODE) in Enga is extending opportunities for those who want to pursue grades 7 to 12 level of general education. Many private institutions and some universities provide distance courses, but the FODE is the main recipient of government funding for the provision of distance Education. Our current target group for all genders ranges from; grades 7-8, grades 7 to 10 (for students which cannot continue education for personal reasons) and Grade 11(for Adult Matriculation Studies).


There are about 11 TVET Centers in the province. The application for the new Anditale TVET Centre, the Par Extension Centre and Tsak TVET Centre are yet to be approved by the Department of Education. Of the 11 TVET centers in the province, 2 centers, Pupang Vocational Centre and Kompiam Vocational Centre are still closed but their teaching positions are still active. Pombapus TVET Centre has been upgraded to a Community College and registration is pending.

Courses Offered at the Centers

Carpentry and Joinery, Motor and Electrical Mechanic, Information Technology, Tourism and Hospitality, Agriculture, Business Studies, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Electrical were the core courses offered at the centers. Apart from the core programs, Personal Development, HIV and AIDS and Crafts Making and FODE were offered as a compulsory non-core program for all students. FODE program was offered to students to upgrade their grades. TVET centers are not using standard curriculum materials. Each centers developed their own curriculum on need basis. Furthermore, STC Wapenamanda, LTC Laiagam and Porgera TVET Centre were nominated to provide CBT & A Training to qualify teachers to offer National certificate 1 & 2 courses to create a pathway for the trainees to advance into Poly Technical College and Universities. Teachers have completed the first component and the second component is pending due to financial implications.